California Indian Nations College
During the Summer of 2015, the Steering Committee named the educational institution, the California Indian Nations College.


The California Indian Nations College (CINC) will expand the knowledge of indigenous students, develop their leadership potential, and support tribal sovereignty by offering culturally-rooted and relevant curriculum that addresses the needs of tribal communities and ensures the well-being of indigenous peoples. CINC will provide students with support services and specialized programs for the general benefit of American Indian students and other students interested in Native American people, cultures, languages, policies, and tribal sovereignty.


CINC will serve as an exemplary institution of higher education that will prepare students to be intellectually and culturally grounded. CINC will empower students and their communities to preserve, protect, and foster tribal sovereignty and sustainable economic development. Students will learn to serve others to the benefit of themselves and their people.


Partners: College of the Desert; University California Riverside and California Polytechnic State University Pomona

California Indian Nations College Founding Members


Theresa Mike (Visionary); Cliff Trafzer; Robert Paull; Robert Przeklasa; Sandy Dixon; Daisy Ocampo; Anthony Madrigal Sr.; Sean Milanovich and Celeste Townsend (Chair)


Brian Alderete; Robert Alderete; Mary Belardo; Arkamez Blankenship; Julia Bogany; Elaine Brown; Nelly Cruz; Jim Fenelon; Joshua Gonzales; Ed Gomez; Tamara Hedges; John Iyott; Nicole A. Johnson; Jeff Kraus; Luke Madrigal; Michael Madrigal; William Madrigal Jr.; Ryan Mariano (Editor); Natalie Miller (CINC Seal Artist); Angela Mooney D'Arcy; Ruth Nolan; DoeDee Rover; Charlie Sepulveda; Earl Thomas; Jordan Thomas (CINC Logo Artist); Suzie Thomas; Galene Townsend; Stephanie Tristan


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Stephanie Tristan - President
Robert Paull - Vice President
Sean Milanovich - Treasurer
Jordan Thomas - Secretary
Earl Thomas - Member
Nicholas Ragen - Member
James Fenelon - Member
Julia Bogany - Member
Theresa Mike - Member
Valerie Alderete - Member

California Indian Nations College

California Indian Nation College
46-200 Harrison Place
Coachella, CA 92236

29 Palms Band Of Mission Indians
Tribal College Chartered by: Twentynine Palms Band of Mission Indians